70 Easy Tips to Lose Weight | Weight Loss

Everyone knows what to do to lose weight: eat less fat, less sugar less than everything. But the difficulty begins when it comes to applying these principles, to resist hunger and not get tired, when they spend a few days of sacrifice.

To succeed in this purpose, each one has his own personal tricks, which are born of his experience. Here are a few tips provided by doctors and dietitians, and ex-fat people who managed to lose weight. If someone does not find it effective, we must bear in mind that all organisms are not equal.


Habits to be learned

1. Force yourself to eat while sitting. When you do it standing or walking in a hurry, you eat more food.

2. Do not eat fast, chew well; If you do, you will feel satisfied sooner and with less food. And never repeat!

3. When possible, market after eating; thus you will have less temptation to acquire things that get fatter.

4. Before buying food, make a detailed list of the things you need and do not leave it.

5. After each meal it is advisable to rest 15 minutes and then walk for three quarters of an hour. An activity done after a meal burns enough calories.

6. To satisfy the hunger at mid-morning a handful of prunes, a glass of skim milk or a mini-sandwich with wholemeal bread, is the most appropriate.

7. If you are eating halves or an afternoon snack or an apple or a dried apricot, or some other fruit to cheat the stomach, it is good to keep the last portion in the mouth for a while.

8. While eating, it is advised not to perform another activity, such as watching television or reading; In this way you can concentrate on the flavors and enjoy every bite. It tends to eat more when it is done mechanichaly.

9. When eating, it is advisable to let the cutlery rest every three mouthfuls eaten. It breaks the rhythm when feeding and forces you to eat less.

10. Cook only the amount needed for each meal and keep what you do not consume in the refrigerator.

11. It is necessary to eat only two dishes in each meal: meat and companion and a little cheese or fruit.

12. Divide lunch and dinner into two parts. First eat strong food (meat, vegetables or rice and pasta) and salad. Two hours later, cheese or fruit, or both.

13. Enjoy each bite as if it were the most exquisite caviar. Eat small amounts and savor slowly. Another resource: imagine that your food was rationed and that each bite is the last.

14. With little amount of food can satisfy the appetite. Try a hard-boiled egg, a piece of cheese and a good salad. Some bites of bread also serve to calm hunger.

15. After each meal you have to remain seated for at least a quarter of an hour so that the sensation of having satiated your appetite appears. A meal eaten quickly, does not satisfy.

16. You should eat at the hours when you burn more calories. Chronobiology teaches that the assimilation and desasimilación of the organism varies with the hours of the day. It is better to lighten the food than breakfast, because if you eat before going into activity, spend calories. This does not happen if you eat before going to sleep.

17. Do not weigh yourself after a day when you have eaten a lot. The next day you can compensate with a semi-diet based on vegetable broth with little salt, aromatic waters or light tea and low-fat dairy products. You can resume to your normal eating habits on the next day.

Resources to fool the appetite

1. Before each meal, drink a glass of water. This will give you the feeling of fullness.

2. It is better to drink half a glass of orange juice with mineral water. Thus it provides better society feeling and contains fewer calories.

3. When watching TV, instead of “chopping” things that get fat, eat a salad of lettuce, cabbage or artichoke, leaflet per leaf.

4. A nice resource is to prepare ice cubes with mint, vanilla and strawberry water and savor them if you feel like eating.

5. When you feel uncontrollable desire to eat foods that fatten, it is better to take a piece of cheese with bread, than a cookie.

6. Before attending a cocktail, dinner or other tantalizing meeting, it is best not to eat a hard-boiled egg as many diets advise, if not a yogurt. This decreases the appetite.

7. Oranges should not be squeezed to make juice. It is best to eat them in pieces. It is very easy to drink the three oranges; instead, eat them not.

8. Start meals with a piece of protein (can be meat, cheese, chicken) and a cup of clear of legumes, chicken or defatted beef, which can be prepared every three or two days. After eating it, you eat a lot less

9. A good resource to enjoy rich flavors without gaining weight is to prepare orange, tangerine or grapefruit sorbets and dress them in the ice trays. When frozen they can be drawn one by one.

10. You can also freeze coffee in ice cubes in the same way and then crush it to serve it in a large cup.

11. It is suggested to start the meal with the cheese to saturate the appetite.

12. It is good to have cucumbers in vinegar in the fridge. When you feel hungry, cut some slices and eat slowly, savoring them.

13. If you can not handle the desire to eat a chocolate, eat it, but after finishing the meal or with the bread. Eating it only makes twice as fat.

14. Drink two or three glasses of water before each meal. Not so much to fill the stomach, but to dilute in the blood the substance that stimulates the appetite.

15. Have only non-fattening foods in the refrigerator, such as dairy products or semi-skim cheeses, cooked lean meat, raw fruits or vegetables, eggs, etc.

16. Prepare several dishes in individual portions to avoid eating so much: eggs in different forms, or mousses of vegetables, seafood, stuffed tomatoes.

17. As snacks, it is best to replace the classics that can fatten, radishes, sticks of celery, carrot or cauliflower.

18. It is excellent to eat water-boiled eggs at breakfast, accompanied by a slice of bread of various grains, with chicken breast or turkey, or also with gruyere cheese. This way you will have a good supply of proteins.

19. For an eager lunch, prepare a hot dog with a thin sausage and add a touch of mustard. The bread should be removed from the bread, leave the crust alone.

20. You have to eat foods that contain few calories. Unleavened bread, for example, as thin as a sheet of cigarette paper, on which you can put a layer of almost transparent butter or a minimum portion of mustard.

21. Good recipe for an appetizer: a tomato juice with a few drops of Tabasco or English sauce. It looks like bloody mary and fattening much less.

Mini-economy of calories

1. So that grilled meat can be cooked for a long time without drying out, smear it with mustard. No oil

2. To lighten the tortilla, beat the eggs with a little water (1/2 tablespoon per egg) and obviously make it without fat.

3. It is not convenient to moisten the roast meats with its own substance, which is fat, but with broth or water.

4. Do not wrap meats and poultry with bacon, do it with sausages.

5. In soups made with legumes, replace the potatoes with zucchini, which will not alter their pleasant flavor.

6. To heat the food without sticking it to the pot or the pan, put some water or wine in the bottom, instead of any type of fat.

7. For breakfast it is advisable to choose cereals with “volume” like puffed wheat or corn flakes, better than the muesli types that are quite heavier.

8. For sandwiches never use soft bread or breads with all the filling.

9. A valid trick for the tortilla is to use one whole egg and three egg whites, instead of two whole eggs.

10. To get used to drinking coffee or tea without sugar you can eat while you drink, a green apple or a glass of water.

11. When you do not sweeten the coffee with sugar, do it with peppercorns. It accentuates the aroma.

12. If you can not refuse a whiskey, it is best to mix it with sparkling water or soda and several ice cubes.

13. Make syrupy apple candies, without sugar. This fruit has the advantage that it contains 15 percent sugar. They are delicious by adding a little cinnamon.

14. For diet vinaigrettes, in which the oil is replaced by a dairy product, it is preferable to use natural yoghurt. To give them more flavor, add cider vinegar.

15. If you can not do without fruit juice at breakfast, take the grapefruit because its acidity favors the elimination of toxins.

16. When chewing gum with sugar, the first salivary secretions in which the sugar is contained should be rejected. If you do not do so, you are ingesting the equivalent of two sugar cubes.

17. To lighten the ice creams you have to add a little gelatin, which is a super protein with few calories.

18. To simmer the meat, it is good to place a couple of pieces of bacon with the fat part down in the container. So, it never sticks.

19. Always have a non-fat tomato sauce in the refrigerator, to use it cold or hot in several dishes. You can make it with a kilo of tomatoes cut into pieces. Place them in a casserole with chopped onion, a clove of garlic, four bay leaves, a sprig of thyme and a half teaspoon of sugar. Add a pinch of salt, pepper and half a glass of water. This is cooked over low heat, for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Before serving it is crushed.

20. Salads should be prepared with olive oil. To be thicker and with a stronger flavor less quantity is used.

21. When making mayonnaise, replace the oil with two cooked and hard egg yolks, passed through the blender and mixed with a slice of white cheese, lemon juice, basil and pepper.

22. If you eat pizza, fill it with some of these ingredients; legumes, onions, paprika, mushrooms or peppers.

23. When cooking roast meat, do not use a nonstick skillet. In the common and currents, the surface remains tostadita, very tasty.

24. Cakes and pies can be made without fat, using bread crumbs, milk, gelatin, egg white and nuts to give them consistency.

25. A good resource to distract from hunger and thirst is to always have a sliced ​​pin in the refrigerator. It is better than water because it fills more.

26. One way to replace melted butter in cooked foods with water or steam is to put them in cider vinegar or cold sauces (green, pink, tomato, herbal), green pepper and white cheese.

27. It is not necessary to deprive yourself of the delicacies that desserts offer, if you learn to sweeten them with artificial sweeteners.

28. Fatty ingredients can be substituted for others that do not get fat, such as pulses of cooked vegetables, crushed and beaten in defatted broth.

29. Some people who undergo a weight-loss regimen complain that they have not yet learned to exclude sugar from their food. Ideally, replace it with fruit sugar. As its power to sweeten is higher, it is possible to use a third less. You can also use granulated sugar.

30. Chopped and fermented cabbage (sauerkraut) has the false reputation of fattening. Cabbage contains very few calories if consumed in its natural state.

31. One of the best tricks for a weight-loss regimen is the whipped egg white. It contains pure proteins and is voluminous. You can add it systematically to tortillas and biscuits, and even to fruit or coffee ice creams.

32. Sometimes you should be wary of raw fruits or vegetables, which many believe they can always eat without any measure. This is true if you know how to choose them well and if you have a strong colon. Carrots, beets and turnips provide 13 percent sugar.