How To Avoid Curly Hair, You Can Do It?

If summer is your least favorite time of year for the only reason you suffer from frizzy hair, do not give up. Help is on the way! Today more than ever there are products available that can help you get over your curly hair and do not have to wear a hat all summer long. Learn to avoid curly hair and start enjoying summer again.

In many cases curly hair is simply one per hair care product, or lack thereof, the routine you have. If your hair is broken and damaged it is more prone to get curly, especially when it is damp out.

To help reverse the damage to your hair, and prevent further damage in the future, here are some simple things you can do from now that will help you achieve healthier hair and less frizz:

How To Avoid Curly Hair

1. Start with your shampoo. Some shampoos are just not that good for your hair, no matter what the commercials say. All you have to do is look at the back of your bottle and read the ingredients. If your shampoo has sulfates, keep looking. Sulphates will dry your hair and further damage it.

2. To undo some of the damage you do to your hair every week, deep condition at least once a week. Using coconut or jojoba oil can provide a deep penetrating hydration that your hair is dying for. If your hair has the proper level of moisture it is less likely to frizz.

3. When you get out of the shower, do not “rub down” your hair. It is much better to gently pat it dry so you do not break the hair strands. This break can finally lead to frizz.

4. If you can avoid it at all, do not blow dry your hair. If you simply do not have the time to let your hair dry out the air than at least minimize the damage to your hair using a diffuser on your hair dryer, this will help prevent tangles that cause breakage when you brush your hair.

5. Get trimmings frequently. Trimming off the damaged ends of your hair will lessen the damaged parts which in turn will decrease the amount of frizz you get.

6. Keep blow drying, curling and dyeing to an absolute minimum. All these things are very harmful to your hair. Even if you can not avoid them altogether, at least cut back on them, say by not blowing dry your hair on the weekends when you’re not pressed for time and do not have to get to work, it can help a lot. super slim x claim here.

You do not have to be sentenced for life to curly hair. Some simple day to day changes may be all you need to learn

How to prevent frizzy hair. While these things may not get rid of the firzzies completely, they sure will not hurt. The healthier your hair is, the less damage it will have and the smoother and less Frizzy it will be. Do as much as you can to tame the mane that Mother Nature gave you.


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