The best beauty tricks for women

Beauty is inside, yes … yes but what is really what one sees at first sight ?, the image. And it is that the image itself is your first letter of presentation and for that you have to know how to take care of it.

You do not need expensive creams and high cosmetic products to get a good impression; it only takes a few small tricks that make our lives easier to be able to show off more with less.

Remember that combining a healthy lifestyle, with a good diet and four beauty tricks you can change your image and feel much better with yourself. Especially if you have oily skin, food can help you a lot, besides these tips to take care of it.

Stay tuned because this post comes loaded with little tips that will make a transformation in your habits and routine daily beauty so you can get more out of it.


A lip can give you everything you need

From color to your lips, even a little bit of blush or even eye shadow. It is important to know how to apply it, but of course it gives a lot lipstick . If you want your lips to look more voluptuous you should apply with the bar, or lip liner if you have it, a cross of more intense color in the center of the upper lip, as well as outline the entire outer contour. Then you should apply the lipstick as usual.

To enhance the volume of the lips you can try applying menthol oil on the lips 3 times a day.

Another trick to make the color of your lips. lips last is to paint them once, and after having done so, with a paper napkin apply a little compact powder pressing the paper between the lips; then you must give another pass with the lipstick, painted lips that resist much longer.

Among the many uses that you can give a lipstick, the use as blush or blusher is very widespread which gives a natural aspect illuminator applying it to little touches and diffusing it. Another alternative is as eye shadow slightly applied under the eyebrow (if it is a light color and bright) if on the other hand it is a strong color you can apply it on the tear line and lower water line to give a more casual look to your eyes.

Tricks for eyes of infarction

It is not necessary to have eyes of a spectacular color to show off, you simply must know what is your goal to get with them to get the most out and enhance your look and your expression is better. Actually depending on the type of eyes you have will be interested in some tricks or other, try the different effects to see which suits you, although there are different tricks that work for everyone.

One of the most characteristic tricks is to apply a note of brightness (with a white liner or illuminating corrector) on the lacrimal, it will give a fresh touch to your look.

If you want to magnify your look you should apply white eyeliner on the lower water line, in the upper one you can delineate with black to amplify the look.

If on the contrary you want to narrow your eyes delineates the water line with black, that way you will achieve a catlike look. To get a perfect upper line you can help with a piece of paper or with a piece of heat applied from the corner of your eye.

Here are some conservation tricks of your eye pencils and mascara so you can get the most out of them.

Creamy and intense eyeliners

Tired of having to take many passes to make an intense black? The eyeliner tends to dry so it loses moisture and the ease of leaving the pigment, take a bit of neutral petroleum jelly between your fingers and hit the tip, if you bring a source of heat, much better as it recovers immediately the humidity, you can do it with a lighter without getting to burn. This trick does not fail.

Masks of dry eyelashes that do not last anything?

The problem of drying eyelashes masks is given by a widespread misuse of these as we try to insert and remove the brush many times to get more product , without thinking that we do not, because the system has a filter on the output that reduces the amount of product so stop putting and removing the brush, to get more product opts for masks that provide volume because the filter leaves spend more quantity of product.

To prevent them from drying out, if you use a mask daily, once a month add two or three drops of extra virgin olive or coconut oil, this will provide hydration and moisture as well as fat that will not cause lumps, you can also add castor oil to increase the growth of the eyelashes.

The creams, the less chemicals the better

The natural creams are getting more and more fashionable and that is that there are many substances that we should avoid in our skin. Therefore, more and more creams appear on the basis of natural plants and essential oils that benefit us without offering us the side effects of chemicals. If you want to look healthy skin you can not miss the next post with the best advice.

One of the drawbacks of being more natural creams is that the storage periods of the product are smaller, so we must maintain a few basic precautions for ensure the quality of the product and that maintains all its properties. The borage oil is one of the most used in cosmetics for its antioxidant power, conócelo.

Both for the natural creams and those of chemical cosmetics is advisable to keep them in the refrigerator, if possible in the door of the refrigerator at half height since it is where less temperature they receive; thus the contours of eyes make a greater effect to disguise dark circles and creams provide us with a higher level of moisture and hydration.

The rose oil mosqueta also has many properties for the skin, so you should know everything you have to offer if you want to combat the effects of aging and premature cell aging, more information here.

If you want to know how to take care of your skin to protect it of the sun, click here.

Remember that we have more homemade tricks if you want to know how they looked after their beauty our grandmothers can not miss this post.

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