➤Boiling Water Treatment Water is Life. Definitely.

The human race is dependent on one vital commodity other than food. Water is what fuels the human population, because just the absence of it for a prolonged period would eventually result to death.

But what do you do when the very thing that supposedly would give life to all of humanity is the very same thing that would take that very same life? What will ever happen to all people if the water that they drink is no longer safe?

Yes it is true that water is a source of life. Our bodies need a large amount of water in order for us to function normally and to replenish the lost water due to excessive work or activity. But how do we make sure that the water that we depended on is safe for drinking?

Boiling Water Treatment  Water is Life. Definitely.

There are many ways to make water potable and safe for drinking. One of the most common methods of treating water is boiling. This is also perhaps one of the most affordable and the easiest among other methods. Boiling water treatment is also the oldest way of ensuring that the water is safe at least for drinking.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the Department of Health and Human Services that boiling water treatment is considered the best compared with other water treatment procedures. In boiling water treatment the presence of harmful bacteria, parasite, and virus that could possibly cause diarrhea are killed and thus, eliminated. However, boiling water treatment might affect the taste of water. In order to prevent this from happening it is advised that salt be added; at least a pinch will do to enhance the taste.

But how do we really do the exact and proper way of boiling water treatment? Are the steps easy to follow?

Yes indeed, the procedures of boiling water are as easy as a, b, c. In fact special equipment are no longer needed. A simple kettle will do. Boiling time can take as quick as one minute for a one perfect vigorous boiling. Just when you think that adding ice cube is advisable, then you are really wrong, unless if the water used for the ice cubes is also boiled or treated. For water that are taken from a depth of about 6,562 feet, the boiling time is at least three minutes and a drop of chemical disinfectant after a minute from boiling, will also help to ensure that water is now safe for drinking.

Water treatment is a necessary step in making sure that water is free from harmful substances. Boiling is the best step and the cheapest too, because again water is life, definitely.

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