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Natural remedies for dry skin

Tired of seeing your skin cracking? dry skin is one of the most frequent problems in the skin and is that in addition to being unsightly, people suffering from it suffer discomfort and pain due to the tightness and dry skin, reaching cracks or even wounds. With the arrival of cold these symptoms become more acute, the skin dries more easily and the cold makes us notice the symptoms more clearly.

A dry skin can reulte unsightly and careless but sometimes it is difficult to fight it, and no matter how many creams we put in, we can not solve the problem.

Here we will explain the main causes of dry skin and the best remedies to ensure correct hydration to the skin you can not miss all the information we put at your disposal.

Why do I have dry skin?

The main causes of having dry skin are due to environmental and genetic factors. We must bear in mind that it is something that affects a high percentage of the population and that occurs both in women and men without distinction.

We must bear in mind that all skins are not equal, nor equally resistant. Even in the same organism there may be distinctions between some areas and others, so we can have the skin of the face fat and the rest of the body dry or mixed, without alterations.

It is very common to have dry skin in the area of joints like elbows and knees, these areas are more prone to dryness, so we must hydrate them more regularly. These areas are commonly drier but it is also a more resistant skin type due to its roughness and it is usually an easy area to recover with moisturizers or oils like rosehip, if you want to know how it can help you rose oil mosqueta for dry skin click here

You must monitor the state of the skin, since it is not an area that can cause tension, but can be altered by turning dark or whitish, or even with eczema or flaking for the lack of hydration.

The problem is given when the dryness is global, since the cause may be more serious, such as a lack of hydration of the organism or may even be due to a poor diet and that we are not giving the body all it needs to stay healthy.

The cold is one of the causes that contribute to dry skin and dehydration, besides In a dry environment and polluted, pollution and overexposure to sun may be contributing factors to this problem in our skin. If you want to know how to protect your skin from the sun here are the best tips.

Among the main causes that cause a person to have dry skin are the factors genetic that is, the natural predisposition of the body to have a dry skin that is easily dehydrated, is given because the cells have a lower capacity of sebaceous secretion, a kind of fat that protects the skin from external agents, when this production exceeds normal, we have the opposite symptoms, a oily skin if you want to know how to treat it click here.

Sometimes the dry skin is due to the preexistence of diseases that among its symptoms have this type of disorders, well produced by hormones or inflammatory disorders of the skin, as is the case of psoriasis, dermatitis, and others  skin alterations or diseases of type hormonal such as hypothyroidism, which is linked to increased dryness of the skin.

Another factor contributing to dry skin is the continued use of chemicals that can alter the state of our skin and even shower abundantly and abuse the use of soaps that alter the pH of our skin, causing a lack of hydration.

Remedies for dry skin that work

If you are tired of trying moisturizers and you still see that your skin is dry or looks off and there is no way to regenerate the skin, keep in mind the main tips that we offer you below and the best remedies to get your skin moisturized.

It is important to note that for many creams that you use if your body is not properly nourished from within, few effects will notice of the creams, so the first advice and most important is to guarantee the body a water balance that is, to drink around 2 liters of water daily and to carry out a diet that provides us with the nutrients we need, a balanced diet of high nutritional quality . We will try not to consume sugars and saturated fats in excess and lead a healthy lifestyle combined with physical exercise .

Natural ingredients against chemicals

Once we have managed to balance the organism, we can try all kinds of creams or natural remedies. It is very important that when choosing creams we opt for those creams with fewer chemicals as natural as possible. There are certain agents that give us a good appearance of the skin at first but that after use produce a higher level of dryness or “dry the skin” after use. This is the case of paraffin and other chemical agents that give us an aesthetic skin but do not hydrate and repair as they should.

One of the most used tricks is to make a good skin cleansing and apply olive oil impregnating cottons and leaving it to act for at least 20 minutes, then we will clean the face and apply the cream as usual, this we can do every night.

Aloe vera with coconut butter for hydrated skin

Both for the moisturizing properties of coconut and for the repairing and moisturizing properties of aloe vera, the combination of both is a powerful moisturizing and restorative for dry skin. It works very well if we have scaly zones or eczemas since it has healing powers that will help us recover the lesions.

How to prepare the mask and how to apply it?

Mix the two ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture, you can put it in the fridge so that it becomes more solid and apply it as a moisturizer, it will also have a refreshing power. You can keep it in the fridge, and you must apply it as a cream without having to rinse it. You must do it at least twice a week to notice its effects on the skin.

Avocado an ally for dry skin

Natural products are one of the best ingredients to make repairing masks, the avocado for its texture is very versatile and very comfortable to make masks, gives a lot of play and can be done multiple combinations. For dry skin you can mix it with almond oil which is highly moisturizing, or with rosehip oil that is repairing and moisturizing. You can also add honey, if possible manuka honey to take advantage of all its properties that you can consult here.

You can also combine it with borage oil, the antioxidant gold for your skin.

How to make the avocado mask for dry skin?

Make the mixture with half avocado and a teaspoon of the oil you choose and a splash of honey if you wish. Apply it on your face and let it act for 30 minutes, then rinse your skin with water and neutral soap and say goodbye to dry skin. It is convenient to repeat the treatment on a weekly basis to maintain hydration.

White clay, a solution to dry skin

White clay has properties soothing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic for skin ; therefore, it helps to calm the irritation, also if you have oily skin, it will help to eliminate the bacteria that can generate acne.

You can acquire white clay powder to make masks that help regenerate the skin and give it a smooth appearance, guaranteeing its hydration without contributing chemicals that could damage it. You must make this type of mask as a first step of the ritual of hydration, a cleansing of the skin.

You must mix the powder with water, or milk, and leave for 20 minutes and rinse. Then you should apply your usual cream or any of the remedies that we have mentioned previously.

Final advice: you can add to your cream any of the essential oils moisturizing that we have commented, just a few drops and mix it with the cream to provide more hydration, without exceeding the fat content that can be annoying.

Remember to do a face wash every night and every morning to remove the residue, makeup and perspiration that can dry your skin and cause different skin problems.

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