Fit this spring practicing outdoor sports: different ways to enjoy good weather

With the arrival of good weather, more and more hours are spent on the street. Parks, gardens and natural areas are the most common scenarios of our leisure time. Therefore in this post we want to stop in some of the most important activities that we can carry out outdoors at this time of year.

There are many activities that are very conducive to this time of year. Not only for the good weather, but because having more hours of light will keep us more active and with another predisposition to do outdoor activities. We are going to stop in some of the most habitual ones. For this we are going to organize them in groups.

To practice outdoor sports we have plenty of options that we should consider in the spring

First of all it is necessary to keep in mind that to practice outdoor sports we have many places. The parks of the cities, the public courts, the tracks of athletics or even the forest or open field can be the scenarios with which we can count for the performance of any activity.

Once we have seen this, we are going to stop in different groups of activities to be taken into account and that may be what we are going to carry out in this period. We are going to focus on group activities, aerobic training, anaerobic training properly speaking. In this way, what we will do is differentiate between the objectives or the type of activity that will interest us the most.

In these parks and spaces enabled for the development of sports activities we usually find what is necessary to carry out any exercise that we propose. Anyway, if we do not have it we can use some of our own equipment that will help us to develop the activity in a more complete and effective way.

Outdoor group sports activities

To stop properly in the activities that we can carry out outdoors we will start with the group that we can carry out in a group:

Football or basketball

As a first alternative we will highlight soccer or basketball that we can carry out with more partners in the public courts that we find in many areas and parks of our city. For the development of these activities we will simply need a space to carry it out, a team of people and a ball.

Football and basketball, two complete activities to practice in outdoor equipment in spring

Both are activities that will help us to work the aerobic part, especially the bottom and the resistance of the organism. In addition, they will help us to work on muscle coordination and power when developing fast and calculated movements for the performance of the activity. To this we must add the psychological and sociological benefits of the performance of a group exercise such as football or basketball …

Padel and tennis

Secondly, as an alternative to the outdoors, we will highlight paddle or tennis, which is about two activities that we can do in a group that require direct action of arms and an important work of power in this part of the body. Therefore it is a good activity to tone this part of the body. In addition, it supposes a complete and intense aerobic exercise.

For the development of both activities we will need the right equipment for special racket for each activity and balls. In addition, we must not forget that psychomotor work will be important and will help us to control our body much better, besides helping us to feel much better when sharing an activity with other colleagues.

Yoga, tai-chi and meditation

More and more we can see in parks people practicing yoga, tai-chi, meditation … These activities are also considered as groups and can be done in any natural space outdoors. Above all, they are focused on getting more control of our body. Become aware of ourselves, control breathing, work flexibility and general mobility of the body … are some of the objectives of these activities.

Yoga, tai-chi and meditation to get a better body balance and keep us fit in the open air

In spite of everything, we must not lose sight of the fact that with both group activities, what we will achieve will be to alleviate tensions, feel better and more relaxed. Both yoga and tai-chi are activities aimed at the general welfare of the organism and the achievement of a greater physical and mental balance.

Aerobic activities

As a second group of activities we are going to stop at aerobics. To carry them out the best is to focus on parks or areas of forests where the vegetation abounds that will keep the air more purified and with it we breathe an air of higher quality that will greatly benefit our health.


The race is the activity that takes the cake and the one that most of us do in the open air. The best thing for this is to opt for green places full of vegetation in which the air is purer. It is an aerobic exercise that requires a great lung activity, and therefore it is better to do it in places where the air is purer.

The race is the star of outdoor aerobic sports, but cycling can be a good alternative

Do not forget that running outdoors, and especially in the open field, will help us carry out the activity in a better way. Also, if we run on grass or sand it will be much better in terms of impact. We can also do it on the athletic track of tartan, which will facilitate the tread and help us improve the activity. Although most of them are not in the open field, so the air in this part will not be as clean as in parks or forests.


Another aerobic activity that we can develop outdoors is the bicycle. The heat and spring is the best time to get on the bike and discover new interesting places. But we must not forget that the bicycle is a complete sport to work the legs and strengthen the muscles that make them up.

We must not forget that cycling is a type of important aerobic exercise that will help us stay in shape and get us to burn calories while having fun. Simply to carry it out we will need a bicycle that fits our needs and especially the terrain where we are going to carry out the activity, since it is not the same to do it on the road or in the field.

Anaerobic activities that we can perform outdoors

In the open air we can also carry out anaerobic activities aimed at strengthening the muscles. As a general rule, we always think of the bodybuilding room to develop our muscles, but with good weather we can go out into the street to do it and for that there are alternatives that we can not ignore:

Circuits located in the park

n many parks there are circuits and equipment installed in order to train our muscles in this place. Parallel, abdominal benches, supports to put rubber or use medical balls, are some of those that we can find in the parks that are in our cities. In this way, simply with the action of the body and the appropriate technique we can work our muscles with exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups …

In the park we can also work the muscles and keep them toned by changing the gym for a natural and more relaxed scenario


Also in these places or in a forest with the help of a simple tree, we can use the TRX tapes to execute training routines aimed at toning our muscles. Performing this type of outdoor activities will allow us to change the usual scenario and predispose ourselves in a different way to the exercise. In addition, mentally, exercising outdoors is more beneficial, because we avoid the routine and wear that sometimes causes us to train in a room.

Parks for adults

In addition to these circuits that we mentioned and the facilities, in many parks we can also find parks for adults in which different machines are placed directed to the muscular work of different parts of the body. In general, these activity parks focus on older people, but we can all use them, especially when we are starting to work on the muscles of the body.

Do not forget that these parks will only help us tone muscles, because if we look for great results we will not get it. In them we can find machines that help us work the dorsal part with assisted pullups, others to exercise our legs with strides, others to pedal … As we said before, doing exercises in these devices will make us change places and feel more free avoiding the stress sometimes caused by conventional training rooms.

Activities with outdoor equipment

We can also perform other muscle-building activities using medical balls, rubber bands, sacks … In the end the important thing is to enjoy the natural spaces and the good weather to change the scenery and train differently from the usual. This will give us new incentives to continue evolving in our objectives.

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