How to Get a Light Holiday or Vacation Diet

You spend hours lying on the beach doing nothing, you sleep ten hours every day, you eat breakfast like a king, you take an aperitif, you eat what you want and at night, dinner and drinks … Unless you’re doing some exercise, surely come back from the holidays with a couple of kilos of more.

It’s not about suffering or putting yourself on a diet, you’re on vacation !, but simply eating with your head. Your health, your silhouette, your skin and even your state of mind will thank you. Also, if you eat light and healthy on vacation, you will return with much more physical and mental energy to face the new season. If you are already preparing the suitcase, put this list of dietary recommendations between your bikinis and sandals. You will be useful wherever you go …

vacation diet

On the beach
You will be doing everything possible so that calories are installed in your body. Take note of the keys you should keep in mind:

Maximum hydration.
This is the secret for your skin to be beautiful and to avoid heat strokes and sunstrokes. Drink, even if you are not thirsty, but do not calm it down with soft drinks or alcoholic beverages. The best thing is always the water, and as an alternative, isotonic drinks, cold tea without sugar, natural juices or beer without alcohol. Try to include moisturizers in your meals, such as gazpacho and salads.

Zero alcohol.
Change the beers “with” for “without”. If you only take one you will not appreciate the difference, but several beers or whites add a lot of calories. Do not drink a glass of wine or beer during your meal and skip the liquors.

Out of snacks.
Without a doubt, they are the big enemies of your line. The beach is very hungry, and it is very easy to eat a whole bag of chips or crackers. So that this does not happen, take “snacking” healthy: fruit (the best option), unroasted nuts (for when you need energy), low calorie cold cuts sandwiches, rice crackers …


Ice creams? Yes
As long as you go to burn by swimming, walking on the beach, playing with the shovels … Always better ice and traditional, more craftsmen and with less fat and added sugars. Better during the day, before dinner.

It is never a good idea to skip meals, but even less at the beach, where you run the risk of heat stroke or heat stroke. Holding many hours without eating will only get a nutritional deficit and end up eating uncontrollably and in greater quantity. Even if you are not hungry, make a small intake (ideally five daily) to control hunger and keep the metabolism active. Take advantage of being on the coast to eat more fish, it is a heart-healthy, low-calorie food.

Move on.
Take advantage of the possibilities offered by the beach to exercise naturally: walk, swim, swim, run. And why not? Take a course in sailing, surfing, playing volleyball …

Of glasses.
Alcohol is your biggest enemy in summer. If you’re not careful, you can drink alcohol too many times a day – at meals, in the evening, at night party … – something you would not do during your normal life. All the calories coming from alcohol are empty, that is, they do not give you nutrients, they just make you fat. How to burn them? Going for a walk after eating and dancing while having drinks at night. Remember that the most caloric combinations are always those of alcohol + soda (at least ask for light); so do not go over two. Better a glass of white wine or a beer.

In the mountain
Going to the mountain is very hungry and you can afford to make more energetic meals, as long as you walk or make some important physical effort. If your mountain holidays are going to be active, not only do you have to think about eating well to maintain your line, but also for your body to give up in the face of physical effort.

Keep in mind:
Fast energy

If you are going trekking, climbing or any other activity on the mountain, fill your backpack with water, energy drinks, nuts, cereal bars and fruit.


On the mountain, it is the most important meal of the day. Try to include a portion of carbohydrates (cereals, bread …), another protein (cold cuts, nuts, eggs, milk …), fresh fruit, juice, yogurt … Never put your backpack without having breakfast. If you want to take care of the line, give priority to proteins.

Big eater.

In mountain villages, people usually eat very well, but it is also about energetic, abundant and somewhat heavy meals. Try not to mix too many carbohydrates with protein (for example meat and potatoes) and try to take an infusion or fruit for dessert. The sweets, although they are homemade, better in the snack or in the breakfast. And the same with bread, in food you will add too many calories.


If you are going to have an active holiday, try to eat smart, more if you are a thin person: to always have energy when you make physical efforts the ideal is to eat small amounts of healthy food every three hours or so.

Beware of dinner.

After a day walking, on the river or playing with your children, you will be very hungry. Try not to mess with dinner and, if you eat plenty, go for a walk before going to sleep.

Travel tourist
Visiting cities on foot spends a lot of calories, something you can take advantage of to maintain your line and even lose weight. It is important that you eat well to have energy throughout the day, but by following these tricks you can even lose weight:

Have a strong breakfast.
It’s time to indulge your whims: bread, cereals, a mini sandwich, fruit … But do not eat industrial bakery, although what you burn later, are unhealthy fats for your body. Eat between hours. If you are going to walk a lot, do not spend too many hours without eating (more than four), you can suffer a drop in glucose that makes you stop your rhythm abruptly. Take small snacks: fruit, nuts, a sandwich, even ice cream. But get away from the snacks (potatoes, sweets, chocolates …).

Beware of dinner.
It happens to us all: after many hours of walking, nothing like a good plate of pasta for dinner … which will then accumulate in your body if you go immediately to sleep. Change the order: take the pasta or rice at noon, when you still have many hours to burn it, and dinner with protein (chicken, fish, meat …). The result on your line will be spectacular.

Control yourself on the trip.
The duty free zones and the gas stations are full of caloric temptations that are hard to resist. And not everything goes just because you’re on vacation, be consistent with your usual diet. Pass by the area of ​​chocolates and salty snacks and go to the water, sugar-free drinks, nuts, fruit …

All Inclusive: Beware of the free buffet
Having a lot of food at your disposal can make you eat more than you need. Put limits, do not give up trying appetizing things but share them on different days. Try to eat more or less your usual amounts, something more if you are going to make some physical effort during the day.

• Try to take moderate amounts and, if you are more hungry, get up for something else.

But do not do it the other way around. At meals, the buffet usually has many dishes of pasta, potatoes, fried … Try not to abuse them or take pasta only at noon.

Always choose a salad or vegetable as an accompaniment and give priority to simple dishes based on protein: roasted or grilled chicken, meat, fish, eggs … For dessert, skip the part of the pies and choose fresh fruit, yogurt or ice cream of ice.

The best drink, except a glass of wine, is water, never eat with sodas. At the table, do not use the salt shaker to give more flavor, get used to the flavor of the food and thus avoid the retention of liquids.

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