Home Remedies For Chronic Constipation

How to fight constipation?

We should not abuse chemical laxatives to fight constipation. Constipation is a health disorder to which we must pay attention.

We must be very aware that if we do not evacuate daily we may be at risk of suffering from other degenerative diseases.

For that reason, it is good to fight constipation with natural remedies. There are many causes of constipation but among the common are the little exercise for a very sedentary life and stress.

However, if we eat a healthy diet high in fiber and low in refined and processed foods, we can combat the constipation in a more effective way

Health problems caused by constipation

In addition to constipation is very annoying, distressing and brings us other health problems, it also contributes to obesity.

Can cause, hiatus hernias, stomach pains, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, colitis, diverticulitis, gastric cancer and other serious diseases.

Home Remedies For Chronic Constipation
Here we are going to present some foods that work very well as natural remedies to combat constipation

Fruits and raw and cooked vegetables are essential to combat constipation, whole grains, dried fruits, seeds and algae are excellent. tes.

Drinking at least two liters of water each day outside meals, helps a lot to not suffer from constipation, like raw celery, which is also very effective.

The dried fruit is very rich in fiber and works as an excellent home remedy to improve blockages in the intestinal tract.

Other highly effective home remedies to combat constipation

Aloe is one of the medicinal plants that have multiple benefits for our health. Take a juice of aloe every day, helps clean the colon to eliminate waste from the intestines.

The apple contains pectin and this substance helps the functioning of our intenstino, so the apple is considered one of the best remedies for eliminate constipation.

Banana is ideal for improving bowel movement, is high in fiber and acts as a natural laxative to expel waste from our body.

Also green tea is highly recommended for good digestion . It has a slight laxative effect and contributes to the problem of constipation.

Another food that should not be missing to avoid constipation is oats. People suffering from chronic constipation are greatly benefited, eating a plate of oatmeal daily. In addition, oats contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates. Ideally, consume a plate of oatmeal at breakfast.

One of the most famous recipes of the grandmother

One of the most famous recipes of the grandmothers is olive oil mixed with lemon in a cup of hot water before breakfast.

Dilute the juice of a lemon in a glass or cup of hot water and add a teaspoon of olive oil. It is drunk in the morning before breakfast and is one of the best known natural laxatives.


We advise you to always consult your family doctor before taking a home remedy.

administer a home remedy to your young children, always check with your pediatrician about your child’s health.

Consider any type of allergy you may have to some substance with which you prepare a home remedy.


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