How to Take Slimming Capsules Cenaless

Cenaless is a slimming formula, the composition of which is the mixture of Plantago ovata; collagen; vitamin C and anti-umectant (silicon dioxide). It is advised to take 2 capsules of Cenaless along with a glass of water at lunch, and 2 more capsules at dinner.
Due to its mucilage capacity, it works by providing a feeling of satiety in the stomach, making the individual less hungry, improving intestinal transit and fighting constipation. Cenaless is also good for controlling the levels of cholesterol in the blood, as it absorbs the fats eaten in the food, preventing the body from metabolizing them.

Censorial indications

Lose weight, control cholesterol, lower uric acid, prevent fat absorption by the intestine.

Cenaless price

The price of Cenaless varies between $15 to $30 per pack with 60 capsules.

Cenaless side effects

Cenaless produces no unwanted side effects.

Contraindications of Cenaless

Children under 12 years of age; pregnant and lactating women.

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