How to make sweet homemade quince or quince meat. Traditional recipe

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I do not know if it also happened to you but until recently for me to hear about quince it was all a mystery . Accustomed to seeing the quince jelly everywhere but not the fruit, only his photograph on the labels, always reminding me of a lemon and apple mixture in appearance .

In this recipe I teach how to make homemade sweet quince which in some places is called quince meat . With only two ingredients we can get a sweet and consistent pasta with that peculiar flavor and grainy texture that brings the quince and that is great to accompany cheese or patés.

The process is simple but a little slow although the good thing is that you can prepare a large quantity at the same time and, thanks to the amount of sugar it carries, it keeps phenomenal and that is why I only prepare it once a year

If you want to know what uses to give quince I recommend you prepare these delicious crunchy brie cheese and filo pasta with homemade quince jelly . You can also substitute honey in recipes like fresh cheese with honey and nuts (mel i mató) or be the sweet part that accompanies some very delicious toast with Camerano cheese and fresh seasoned figs , replace the caramelized onions of these homemade burgers with goat cheese fantastically accompany some toast with homemade fresh cheese or put a sweet touch on these walnuts blinis and basil with cottage cheese and dried tomato .

It could also give an ideal touch to salads like this salad of fresh spinach with mushrooms the burrata with fig salad, pine nuts and vinaigrette basil or the salad of canons with goat cheese, nuts and honey vinaigrette . It also goes great with desserts, for example crowning this delicious baked cheesecake or a classic Panacota or Italian panna cotta .

Ingredients to prepare sweet homemade quince or quince meat:

  • Quinces, the amount you prefer. I used 3 to get the amount you can see below in the photographs.
  • Sugar, always 80% of the weight of the quince flesh. Below I tell how to calculate it.

Preparation, how to make the recipe for homemade quince jam or quince meat:

  1. Put a pot with plenty water and high heat to bring it to a boil.
  2. Lava ] quince with cold water and when the water in the pot is boiling, throw them in.
  3. Wait for it to boil again and at that time lower the heat a bit so that it continues to bubble but not excessively and let the quinces are baked 45 minutes.
    How-to-make-sweet-homemade-quince-or-quince-meat.-Traditional-recipe How to make sweet homemade quince or quince meat. Traditional recipe

    We cook whole quinces

  4. After that time, take out quinces from 1 9459003] water and wait for them to cool so you can peel them.
  5. Wash the pot well because in it you can prepare the rest of the recipe.
  6. Peel them and also discourage them. What you can do is cut pieces around the central hard part.
    1540900253_647_How-to-make-sweet-homemade-quince-or-quince-meat.-Traditional-recipe How to make sweet homemade quince or quince meat. Traditional recipe

    Peel the quince

    1540900253_98_How-to-make-sweet-homemade-quince-or-quince-meat.-Traditional-recipe How to make sweet homemade quince or quince meat. Traditional recipe

    We cut pieces of quince and discard the center

  7. Now weigh all the pieces of quince and whatever you weigh you multiply by 0.8. The amount that comes out is the sugar that you must use later. I got 630 grams of quince, so I needed 504 grams of sugar.
  8. Crush the pieces of quince with a hand blender, glass or a robot, whichever you prefer. It will remain a rather dense and somewhat lumpy paste
  9. Put the sugar and the quince crushed in the pot and light the fire to a gentle temperature.
    1540900254_918_How-to-make-sweet-homemade-quince-or-quince-meat.-Traditional-recipe How to make sweet homemade quince or quince meat. Traditional recipe

    With this aspect you start to cook the quince jelly

  10. Go mixing it well, I recommend you use a cooking tongue for it, and go watch it and remove it every 10 minutes more or less. The time it takes is very relative, for this amount I needed 1 hour and 15 minutes because I set the fire very low so that it was done little by little and doing other things at the same time. If you are in a hurry you can increase the temperature a little more (although not much) and it will take less, it is possible that even only 45 minutes, and if you prepare more or less quantity the time will also change.
  11. It will change from that yellow color to classic orange tone. It is ready when you move it with the cooking tongues and it practically stays in place.
    1540900254_220_How-to-make-sweet-homemade-quince-or-quince-meat.-Traditional-recipe How to make sweet homemade quince or quince meat. Traditional recipe

    This is how the sweet quince should look, with this texture and color

  12. Before it cools, pour it into the containers or molds you are going to use. I recommend using plastic containers with a lid that can later be removed from the mold, because if you use glass jars, it will be a bit complicated to use the quince.

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: easy

Serve and taste:

Quince is stored in a covered container in the refrigerator . To serve it you can unmold it or take it out to the table directly in its container. I usually prepare it only once a year when it is in full season (normally between October and January included) and with this amount I have it for the whole year although this already depends on how much use is given to it.

As richer es es combined with cheeses of all kinds but especially those that have strong taste like many Asturian cheeses, for example the Cabrales . Also delicious with goat curl brie or even with creamy cheeses, and of course with patés . I recommend having a good slice of toast and cut slices of quince and cheese to enjoy this combination of authentic … scandal!

1540900254_851_How-to-make-sweet-homemade-quince-or-quince-meat.-Traditional-recipe How to make sweet homemade quince or quince meat. Traditional recipe

Sweet homemade quince or quince meat. Traditional Recipe

Variations of the recipe for homemade quince jelly:

The quince jelly has hardly any variations since it is worth preparing it in a traditional way with its usual flavor. However, quinces and apples can be combined in equal parts to prepare a more creamy and delicious flavor.

Add zest of lemon or orange to give it a citrus touch to sweet quince or flavored with cinnamon or vanilla if you prefer.


If you prepare a large quantity at once you can save it in various containers in the refrigerator to be consumed or even give it away.

Watch well the quince jelly when it has been about 40 minutes since you are cooking it, because if you have the fire a little high it is possible that it is almost ready and you must make sure that it does not burn or stick to the bottom of the pot.

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