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The best remedies for colds

Have you ever wondered how to cure a cold in record time? Nobody likes to get sick, but it seems that the always be very inopportune, always comes a cold at the worst time. When we catch a cold or catch a flu, we are in a hurry to be cured at the speed of light, and it is that the flu symptoms are so uncomfortable that we want to get rid of them as soon as possible to make a normal life

With the temperature changes typical of spring and autumn, it is very common to get cold, also the arrival of the cold also makes us to be caught unforeseen and ideal circumstances are given to make us more likely to suffer a cold.

In addition to temperature changes, it is said that there are more colds in cold times because we spend more time locked up than in the open air, which makes us share germs with other people, this causes a higher incidence of diseases due to the proliferation of viruses and bacteria.

What remedies work against the cold

Next we tell you the best home remedies to get rid of the flu in a couple of days, but first we must know what produces our symptoms to be able to stop them. What is really a flu? usually a flu or common cold is a viral infection that causes us symptoms like rhinitis, inflammation of the respiratory tract, mucus malaise, congestion and headache. We must not forget that there are also intestinal flu, which can be improved with the remedies for stomach pain which you can report on the link.

What remedies work against the cold?

Actually, the common cold in a healthy person happens because the body defends itself from him and without further complications, it would take a few days to pass. The organism is perfectly designed to fight against the viruses that are introduced in our body causing different symptoms, for it activates its defense mechanisms to expel them, so it is easy that without doing practically nothing everything is solved; but there are remedies that strengthen the defenses and help us fight the symptoms and heal us more quickly.

Take hot drinks is important to hydrate the body, as well as make vapors of eucalyptus or menthol to clear the airways and fluidify the mucus . To guarantee an optimum level of humidity for a correct breathing and above all to keep the organism properly hydrated are some of the most used tips in these cases.

In addition we must take into account taking the appropriate measures in terms of hand hygiene, not sharing bottles or utensils in food or drinks with other people, as this leads to the transfer of germs of viruses or bacteria, worsening symptoms, etc.

What foods can help me improve the flu?

The use of ginger as a powerful antiviral and powerful antibacterial able to improve the state of the defenses of our organism fighting the symptoms of the cold and the muscular pain very typical of the malaise general of a flu. It will be enough to grate the ginger root and incorporate it into a tea or infusion which will also maintain body temperature for the body to continue to fight against the virus or external agent.

The lemon ] is an antioxidant capable of cleaning the body so its use in colds is very common since it acts as a cleansing agent of the respiratory tract. Mix it in infusions is the best option.

For the cold it is very common to consume honey together with infusions and there is no lack of reasons to do so, because it has multiple health benefits, it is natural bactericide antiviral, and it protects our state of health with its calming and regenerating action.

If you use manuka honey you will be able to take advantage of all its benefits. You can accompany your propolis infusions as well, since it helps us strengthen the defenses.

Infusions, vegetable or chicken broth are some of the most used foods to fight the symptoms of the cold since it is important to maintain the hot and hydrated body to deal with external agents that have caused the virus.

The garlic and the onion are foods that help us fight the flu symptoms and protect our defenses, in addition to decongesting the airways s. Generally spicy foods dissolve the mucus and make us feel better but the duration of the effect is short, use them at times when you are worse.

The elder tea can be a great help since it attenuates the symptoms of the cold and it helps us to feel stronger.

It is important that we ensure a correct level of vitamins, mainly the vitamin C, that helps us recover and feel better ; for this he chooses to consume large quantities of fruits and vegetables that fill us with vitamins and minerals.

The best remedies for the flu

As we have already indicated, ginger is a potent antiviral, so we recommend that you consume ginger and lemon tea throughout the day, accompany it with honey to remove all its properties and also sweeten the drink.

Make your own orange juice and cabbage and consume it throughout the day, you can liquefy everything raw with a little water to ensure hydration of the body ; this way you will recharge the batteries quickly due to its high vitamin content. For a touch of flavor add the juice of half a lemon and you can benefit from all its properties.

To remedy the nasal congestion part a garlic in half, wrap it in a fine paper napkin and soak it every so often, you will notice relief especially if you rub it a bit by the upper part of the lip or lower part of the nose.

The steam can be your great ally for congestion nasal because fluidizes the mucus and the respiratory tract is widened allowing you to breathe normally.

If you slice an onion and take breaths you will also feel relief from the gases that the onion releases when it is cut, one of the best remedies of the grandmother for constipation, and especially for the cough night is precisely this, sleep with an onion cut in half next to the bed. If you have dry cough check out the best advice here.

Make a onion syrup with a large chopped onion, two glasses of white wine and let it marinate for a full day, the next day strain the onion and mix it with a glass of water, go taking this syrup 30 ml every 8 hours for 5 days.

In the case of suffering sore throat you can consult the best remedies here.

What can I do to recover from the flu soon?

Keeping the body warm is important because keeping the temperature high helps to fight the external agents that have caused this virus. That is why the fever should not be cut with antipyretics, but we must let it do its defense function of the organism.

Remember that the fever is a defense mechanism of the organism to combat the proliferation of viruses and bacteria.

We must not wait to feel bad to take measures that help us to stop the symptoms. Therefore we must be alert to any symptoms to be able to stop earlier and avoid the spread of the virus and its possible complications.

At the slightest notice, it is worthwhile to put remedies (rhinitis, chills, headache, pain …)

As for relevant hygienic measures we must emphasize that it is important to perform a correct hand washing since they are mainly transmitters of viruses along with the air, we must also try to use clean handkerchiefs each time, since in this way, the external agents that are eliminated through the mucus, do not come back to have contact with the nose or the mouth or the eyes, thus also avoiding the contagion to other People

Inhaling or making vapors with essential oils such as menthol or eucalyptus can help us to thin the mucus and release the respiratory tract. They should be at least 10 minutes long and at least twice a day.

It is important to control breathing and wash the nostrils with saline at least 3 times a day, so you will ensure that the cavities are clean and you can breathe easier.

If we observed that the symptoms do not disappear or improve, you can also go to the doctor to prescribe medication to combat the symptoms you suffer, but if you naturally improve, much better.


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