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Tired of having oily hair?

The excess fat on the scalp is one of the problems that affect a large part of women. The accumulation of fats and residues give a matted appearance to the hair that looks dirty and careless which forces us to wash the hair regularly, which contributes to its fall quickly.

Fats that segregate the sebaceous glands have their function in the body as they help keep hair strong and hydrated, but its accumulation in the hair is unsightly, the problem is not the fat itself but the excess of production of fat in hair.

Causes of excess fat

It is important to note that in many cases this excess fat is caused by issues that have nothing to do with the hair and its washing and hygiene, but are due to episodes of stress hormonal changes or by genetic . It may also be affecting a poor nutrition rich in saturated fats, so we recommend that you bring a healthy low-fat diet to help regulate this excess.

The main remedies for regular training Sebum are based on the combination of natural ingredients that guarantee a deep cleaning of the scalp eliminating both sebum and waste.

Oily hair

How to wash my hair to remove grease?

It is important to note that, apart from these remedies, it is important that we take important hygienic measures when washing hair. The washing should be carried out as follows.

First we must wet the hair put the shampoo (preferably a purifying shampoo that removes the residue) and we will soap the scalp giving a slight massage with the tips of our fingers trying to eliminate the possible appearance of fat crusts or dandruff.

We will rinse with warm water, and we will repeat the washing process once more rinsing with cold water, which will increase the shine of the hair .

If you use a moisturizing mask, you should not apply it to the roots since the moisturizing agents of these will stay on your scalp. You must apply only the media mask to tips.

Egg white with lemon, a regulator of the fat in the hair

When combining egg whites with lemon juice we can obtain a mask to regulate the production of fat in the scalp, the egg white prevents the formation of dandruff and helps remove dead cells that accumulate on the scalp; lemon is a powerful cleanser and is also antioxidant and cleanser.

It will be enough to mix two egg whites with the juice of a lemon and beat it well, we will use it as the first hair wash. Moistening the hair, we will separate it into strands and apply the mixture from the roots.

It is not necessary to apply it on the ends because the lemon can have a drying effect and the tips are usually always drier. [19659004] We will let it act for 20 minutes and then we will rinse it and we will soap again as we normally do with the shampoo. We must do it at least 3 days a week to get good results.

Horsetail, regulates the sebaceous production

The infusion of horsetail is a lotion has astringent and repairing properties that help us to reduce excess fat of the hair to give it an appearance cleaner and brighter. In addition, horsetail strengthens the hair follicles and helps fight excessive hair loss, if this is your problem find out what to do to prevent hair loss here.

Preparation is very simple enough to boil the water and when it reaches a boil, add the horse’s tail. We will have the infusion resting until it cools to be able to use it. We must strain the infusion and separate the hair into strands and impregnate it from the roots.

It is important that the scalp is well impregnated with the infusion to note all its properties . We must perform gentle massage with the fingertips. After letting it work throughout the night, wash your hair regularly.

You can also mix the infusion with your usual shampoo to increase the effects of horsetail, you can use it daily. [19659004]

Aloe vera and orange essential oil

Aloe vera has a very effective cleansing effect but it can be a little drying due to its astringent and exfoliating properties, it helps to clean the hair deeply moisturizes but it leaves the hair with a frizzy appearance if it is not combined with an essential oil, therefore, we have chosen the essential oil of orange as a conditioner treatment since it helps us to regulate the pH of the scalp thus helping to reduce the production of fat.

The borage oil in addition to being a powerful antioxidant, also acts as a detoxifier and cleanser of the scalp, you can combine it with aloe vera to increase its effects, you can see all its properties here.

If you do it with natural aloe vera crush the interior of the aloe until you get a liquid mixture and mix it with the essential oil of orange. If you do it with a gel, mix the aloe vera gel with the orange essential oil until you get a homogeneous product. It is important that the gel does not contain alcohol and that it be 100% pure aloe.

Moisten the hair and apply the treatment from the roots to the tips, cover with a shower cap and let it act for 30 minutes. Then rinse as usual and wash the hair normally. Repeat this process twice a week.

You can also use castor oil to cleanse and prevent the appearance of dandruff in your hair.

If your problem with excess fat is not only with the scalp, but you also have the oily skin here we show you how to fight it. Do not miss the best tips!

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