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Constipation has a solution

Constipation is a pathology that many people suffer from, it can be caused by different causes but it is based on having problems to defecate . Tired of going to the bathroom is a torture? Here we explain the best remedies for your problem to be solved and improve your digestion and gastrointestinal health.

Hard stools, gas, abdominal pain, pain when doing belly or spend more than 72 hours without removing waste substances can be the most common symptoms of constipation but we must know beforehand what is causing this constipation, that is, what are the causes.

The causes may be very different but they are usually due to bad practices in the diet or a lack of   hydration that generates hard stools that make the event more complicated to defecate.

improve my diet and combat constipation


Why does constipation occur?

A person is considered to suffer from constipation when he has problems to eliminate stools naturally, either for a prolonged period of time as indicated above, or due to insufficient stools or very hard consistency that hinders their bowel movements.

This problem may be a slight inconvenience but it can become a serious health problem that leads to other health problems or be the cause of numerous diseases of the intestinal tract.

Actually each person has a frequency to go to the bathroom, if we go without discomfort we should not consider that we have any problem, but if more than 3 days go by, we have abdominal pain or discomfort when going to the bathroom take precautions so that it does not become a chronic problem.

The sedentary lifestyle poor diet or lack of hydration are the most common causes of constipation.

Is it convenient to use laxatives?

Really though it may be the first choice for many people, it should not be the solution to the problem. We must first modify our diet by providing more fiber so that the organism eliminates waste substances naturally, without the need to take laxatives that cause the body to get used to them and stop working.

The case of the enemas whether natural or chemical, are advised against, they will only be used in special situations that require rapid evacuation. We must not accustom the organism to the products because our body will stop performing its work in a habitual way, getting used to the action of laxatives.

What foods should I eat to improve my diet and combat constipation?

Foods rich in fiber such as wheat bran, rehydrated chia seeds, toasted flax seeds, white beans, nuts, medlars, dates, kiwis, fruits preferably with skin and green leafy vegetables, etc.

Banana is also one of the most recommended foods, as well as apple with skin, green tea, natural juice of aloe vera or apple cider vinegar, whole grains like oats, or quinoa.

Natural remedies to combat occasional constipation

The best natural tricks for constipation:

A well-known home remedy is to take on an empty stomach a glass of orange juice ] without extracting the pulp and a piece of kiwi, or eating two or three pieces of plum and two or three pieces of kiwi or prunes.

Another popular remedy is to soak five or six plums in a glass of warm water overnight and the next day on an empty stomach ingest the glass of water together with the plums

Juice of aloe vera

We recommend that you do it in a homemade way, it is kept in the fridge for up to 3 days and it will be enough to liquefy the interior of the aloe vera with water or combine it with some fruit of our

The moisturizing and soothing properties of aloe make digestions better and help make the stool softer and easier to eliminate naturally. It also helps us cleanse the colon, which eliminates toxins correctly. You can combine it with lemon to take advantage of its properties detoxifying .

Apple and bananas allied in your diet

In addition to the well-known laxatives such as kiwi and plums, the high pectin content of the apple will help you to make digestions faster and therefore improve the symptoms of constipation. that promotes bowel movements, by softening stools ; that yes you must consume it with the skin.

The banana motivates the intestinal movement and contributes a lot of fiber which improves the digestions by the oligosaccharides it contains.

Green tea an antioxidant with many digestive properties

Green tea has a slight laxative effect is stimulating for the digestive tract and helps us to expel waste substances, plus the fact Drinking fluids will help keep us hydrated as the stools soften.

Oat water for constipation

Oatmeal has a high content in fiber which helps us in digestions, we can consume it at breakfast, which will increase bowel movements or we can make oatmeal water and consume it as a drink throughout the day, here we show you all its properties and health benefits and how to make homemade oatmeal water, it is really simple and very healthy. You can not miss it.

Seeds that help to combat constipation

The flaxseed or the seeds of chia contribute to an improvement of the general state of health and have laxative properties, we must moisturize them to get that increase the motility of the stomach and intestines, help us by its high content in omega 3.

Olive oil and lemon

Olive oil combined with lemon make a powerful laxative combination since lemon is highly detoxifying and olive oil acts as a lubricant favoring defecation. If we take a spoonful of oil with the juice of half a lemon on an empty stomach we will forget about constipation once and for all.

Manuka apple and honey vinegar

Dilute a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water and take it on an empty stomach may be the solution to our problem of occasional constipation, honey ] lubricates and calms while apple cider vinegar stimulates gastric movement we can do it with natural honey from bees, but if we do it with manuka honey we can take advantage of all its benefits for the intestinal tract avoiding stomach pains.

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It can also help you with your gastrointestinal problems to take infusions like chamomile that regulates digestive activity.

It is important to carry out a balanced diet low in fat and rich in fiber, proteins and whole grains, fruit and vegetables, as well as combining it with moderate physical activity to help us mobilize and improve digestion.


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