➤Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil, Reliable and Quick Source of Energy – 32 fl. oz.


Upgrade Your Brain & Supercharge Your Body

✓Are you ready to take your health to the next level by upgrading your brain and supercharging your body?

✓Bulletproof’s Brain Octane Oil is fuel for your brain and your body that optimizes your mental and physical performance. Feel the energy – fast.

✓Your energy metabolism will improve at the cellular level and you will become the best version of yourself, from the inside out.


✓Next Level Health
Maybe you already eat clean, train hard, and get plenty of rest and relaxation. What more can you do to push your health goals to the next level? Be Bulletproof. Energy from quality fats, rather than sugar, is a must in the Bulletproof lifestyle.

✓Be Bulletproof. Perform Better, Think Faster, & Live Better.

  • Get Fast, Reliable Energy
  • Perform Better & Think Faster
  • Feel Satisfied & Free From Cravings
  • Improve Your Digestion & Immunity
  • Burn Fat

Add Brain Octane to your daily routine and you experience a state of high performance. Your days are powered with the mental and physical energy and clarity provided by the purest energy source possible, Brain Octane’s special ingredient – pure caprylic fatty acid (C8), the shortest and most efficiently digested medium chain triglyceride (MCT) – which is a quality, healthy fat found in coconut oil in small quantities. It supports your cognitive function while you also benefit from burning fat and a feeling of satiety, free from food cravings.

✓Quality Fat
Because caprylic fatty acid is metabolized differently than other types of fat, it does not increase cholesterol levels and it won’t weigh you down. It’s a healthy fat. Brain Octane has potent microbial balancing effects that help to support healthy digestion and immune function.

✓How It Works
Brain Octane is a reliable, quick source of energy. It converts quickly into ketone energy which can be used by the brain, faster than other fats, oils, or sugars. The body is able to absorb it rapidly, getting energy to the brain quickly without having to break down glucose from sugars or carbohydrates. Brain Octane produces 4x the ketone energy of plain coconut oil, and also has potent anti-microbial effects that help support healthy digestion and immune function. Your body cannot store ketones from Brain Octane as fat; instead it is excreted through your lungs (breath), or kidneys (urine).


  • NATURAL ENERGY SOLUTION: Brain Octane is naturally found in coconut oil in small quantities, and we concentrate it to provide you with the purest energy source possible. Brain Octane rapidly provides mental and physical energy, powering your day by supporting cognitive function and keeping you satisfied and free from food cravings. Add it to your daily routine, and experience the state of high performance.
  • PURE AND CLEAN: Brain Octane undergoes our special triple distillation process with only water, heat, and pressure to create the cleanest product possible – free from harsh chemicals and solvents.
  • SUGAR-FREE ENERGY: As soon as you consume Brain Octane, it is rapidly absorbed and changed into ketone bodies – providing instant energy to the brain without breaking down glucose from sugars or carbohydrates. Experience the power of using quality fats for fuel, keeping you full and focused for hours.
  • EXTRACTED FROM 100% PURE COCONUT OIL: Brain Octane is carefully extracted from 100% pure coconut oil, not palm oil, to protect wild orangutan habitat in Southeast Asia. Not just coconut or MCT oil – Brain Octane is made with only the best parts of the coconut, which metabolize more efficiently into ketone energy than more common oils.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION: Brain Octane produces 4x the ketone energy of plain coconut oil, and also promotes healthy digestion and immune function.


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